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so, i’m turning 44 in another week or so and as part of our wanderings out at the North Shore Pride Parade and Festival yesterday out in Salem, Massachusetts — Carol, Maceo and i picked up an aerolatte foaming wand […]

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back @ The Javaroom

June 25th, 2013

meanwhile, back @ The Javaroom so, back from a week or so down in Punta Cana with the family beautiful weather, fun times, amazing ‘bacation’ with everyone despite the typical minor incidents that come up due to egotheatrics and the […]

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when i worked at Monster out in Maynard, i used to stop at The Javaroom at Gingerale Plaza in Chelmsford as a bit of a halfway point break in my long, long commute to a really hellish corporate experience { […]

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Coffee Strong

April 24th, 2013

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