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Caffè Nero Espresso in Andover

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December 29th, 2016

i recently bumped across Caffè Nero nestled in the heart of downtown Andover, Massachusetts

lately i find myself on the hunt for more local and independent — or at least more unusual and less over-commercialized café options to the mega-chains like Starbucks … and i am delighted and so happy that i brought the Coffee Thirsty never-ending coffee / café search over to Caffè Nero semi-recently

Check out Caffè Nero

with a bit of internet searching i discovered that Nero isn’t exactly an independently owned and local venture — in fact, it may be just as international and super-franchised out as a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts in some respects — but at least in Massachusetts it comes across as a cozy and wonderful alternative to ‘The Man’

Caffè Nero welcomed me in with its rich decor and warm lighting

hand-written chalkboard messages and menus gives a personal touch to the space and the menu options that add an alluring charm to Nero

the incandescent lighting, sturdy wooden tables and comfy well-curated assorted seating create an environment suitable for: conversation with friends and colleagues; writing, drawing and reflecting; remote working with 3 hours of free wifi per visit; or just a casual stop-in for a quick respite from the commonplace cannon of the day

yesterday i specifically drove a bit out of my way on the commute home to grab a to-go Amaretto latté and chocolate chip cookie for the rest of my drive through the woods to Boxford

i kind of wish i saw the more seasonal eggnog latté, which i only saw was available when i got to the checkout counter

Caffè Nero’s sharp enough to have an app that works with LevelUp as well as a loyalty card — both of which let you get your 10th coffee absolutely free — just keep in mind that you should make your purchases in a consistent way, keeping track either with the physical loyalty card or the Caffè Nero app ( available on both The App Store and Google Play ) as there is no way to transfer your purchase record back and forth ( which isn’t such a big deal, ya know? )

definitely go check out their official website, too — its super modern, perhaps as lush even as the experience you’ll get when you stop by the physical café itself

Experience our Espresso from Caffè Nero on Vimeo.


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